Windshield Chip Repair

Don't Let Small Chips Crack your Entire Windshield

Be proactive to fix chips on your windshield, don't let it become a bigger problem.

Windshield damage is frustrating and needs to be fixed right away become it becomes a bigger problem and even cause you get a traffic ticket. The good news is that if you have a chip or crack 6 inches or smaller, a quick windshield repair may be all you need. Why wait? Call Dwight's Auto Glass and Tint at any of our convenient Arizona locations and make an appointment.

Our expert technicians will repair quickly. At Dwight's Auto Glass and Tint, we repair thousands of windshields every year, but if you need more than just chip repair, we are here to help, we can replace your entire windshield in no time and even get you cash back when using auto insurance.

Auto Glass Windshield Chip Repair
You must know you’re eligible for a repair when:
  • Your windshield glass damage can fit under a dollar bill
  • You have three chips or less
  • Damage is not on the edge of the windshield
  • Damage is not in your line of sight
  • Damage is not in front of a camera or sensor in the windshield
  • High Quality – manufactured in the USA using high-end CNC equipment
  • We ensure your damaged glass is returned to its pre-accident condition
Windshield Chip Repair
Dwight's Auto Glass and Tint Repair Chip Process
  • We clean the damage area
  • Discard loose area, and pepping the area of for the resin to mend any chipped glass
  • Damaged area will be placed under a vacuum to remove any air trapped inside the chip
  • Resin will be injected into the damaged areas, with the repair staying on the top of layer of glass
  • After mending process over, the repaired surface is left to solidify under a UV light to seal the glass repair into place.
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