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Mobile Auto Glass Windshield Repair, Replacement in Tucson.

Weather your windshield has been hit by a rock, had an accident or you’ve been a victim of vandalism, you need a fast and efficient way to fix your windshield. We are here to help, call us for an efficient and affordable mobile auto glass repair replacement in Tucson.

Your auto glass is just one component of your vehicle that works to keep you safe, and when its integrity has been compromised, you may be at risk. Our mobile auto glass replacement service provides on-site emergency glass repairs and replacements pretty much around the clock, and we can repair or replace any of the glass in your vehicle, including windshields, back glass, door glass, vents and quarters.

Our trained and highly skilled auto glass technicians are at your disposal, and you can be confident in our high quality glass and dedicated workmanship so you can often be back in the driver’s seat the same day.

Our mobile auto glass repair technicians specialize in replacing car and truck glass as well as RVs and other large commercial vehicles.
We strive to provide you with the best service at an affordable price. We can help with any auto glass needs you have, including:

  • Front and Back Windshield replacement
  • Truck slider glass replacement
  • Door glass replacement
  • Glass replacement for commercial and municipal vehicles
  • Other vehicle glass replacement services

Our fleet of Tucson Mobile Auto Glass Services can provide the auto glass repair or replacement services to you need right on the spot and avoid the inconvenient stress associated with having broken, cracked or otherwise damaged auto glass windshield.

We have all the essential tools and parts to complete your repairs on the spot and we guarantee our installation process against defects, cracks and leaks or anything else.

Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with Mobile Auto Glass and Tint Services from Dwight’s Auto Glass and Tint, serving the Tucson community for over 30 years.
Don’t take our word for it, many companies in the area have used at least one of our mobile auto glass services, we work with the most demanding businesses and local government agencies in the Tucson Area. From new car dealerships to the city of Tucson, our auto glass work has been recognized and used for years in Tucson.

Call any of our convenient locations in Tucson and make an appointment, we’ll send our mobile unit as quickly as possible.

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For the north Tucson area services call our north west mobile services. For south and downtown Tucson call our Valencia store. For east and central Tucson call our speedway store. For Sahuarita you either have the option to call our South/Downtown Tucson store or Green Valley store. Choose the closest and more convenient to you.

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Tucson Mobile Fix or Replace your Cracked Windshield Service

  • Your windshield replacement will be performed by our qualified and experienced auto glass technicians. You’ll have the option to take advantage of our onsite / mobile windshield repair, or our drop-off service. Either way, you’ll be receiving expert windshield installations.
  • We do Car Windshield repairs, Window repairs, Window replacements, and install new or used auto glass
  • We offer competitive prices, without dropping quality. We guarantee you that we are best source for timely installed windshield and repair at a price that you can afford.
  • We are reliable and Flexible
  • We offer replacement windshields for virtually all makes and models, new or used vehicles
  • Dwights auto glass uses the largest network of automotive glass companies for best and quality auto glass materials
  • All our technicians are certified from accredited institutions from AZ state
  • We have best Windshield replacement technology with no time we will repair and install
Cracked window repair Tucson, Marana, AZ

It is illegal in Arizona to drive with a cracked/damaged windshield

Arizona windshield law states:
“Any crack over 1/4″ wide should be fixed or replaced. Any crack under 1/4″ is OK to drive with in Arizona. See § 393.60. This criteria applies to the driver’s side of the vehicle and does not talk about the passenger side of the windshield”.

“Set by Department of Transportation, state traffic laws extend beyond the minimum requirements. Every state windshield-visibility law states that windshield damage cannot impair a driver’s vision. In some states, including Arizona, the kind of damage which qualifies as visual impairment is not actually defined, but is left up to the law-enforcement officer to decide“.

Let our auto glass experts take care of your damaged windshield; you will be good to go and avoid a ticket.

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